The LFM traffic exchange script was a great idea whose time had come. The script was designed to help you, the TE owner, make money while providing a needed service to your members. There has never been a faster way to build a list and monetize it.

My purpose here is to help you to enhance your traffic exchange business by providing features and options you find desirable that were not included with the script. I do installations, original programming, and script modifications to suit your needs and wants. My quality constructed modules and scripts will help to make your exchange different and unique, thus attracting, and retaining, a larger number of members.

Most of my mods and scripts can be adapted for use on both LJ TE scripts and the LFMVM Virtual Mailer script. A small additional fee may be charged if extensive changes are needed.

Fast & friendly customer service is a Priority.
If you are having problems receiving support from LFMTE, or, I will service your script.

If you don't see what you need please send me an email.

All work is guaranteed. If there are any problems with, or errors, oversights, or bugs in my work, they will be fixed and integrated at no extra charge.

This guarantee does not imply free upgrades, modifications, or add-ons and does not apply to any conflicts or deletions due to changes or updates made after my service has been completed. If your mod stops working, or is deleted, due to an update, hacking, files deletion, server change, or modification by someone other than myself, a small service fee to restore the mod to working order will apply.

None of my scripts or mods may be installed by the user. I personally install every mod and script and guarantee each of them to function as intended.

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